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Roofing Terms Crossword Puzzle

As with many professions, the particular terms associated with roofing are often confusing to those outside the industry. That is why we at RAMCON have created a helpful crossword puzzle to get you up to speed on the most common roofing terms.

We encourage you to give it a try and we hope that you will appreciate the references.

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Common Roofing Terms Crossword Puzzle

Roofing Terms Crossword Puzzle


1. The angle of slope of a roof rafter, or the inclined portion of a cornice.
3. The base surface to which a roof system is applied.
5. An overhanging roof, shelter.
6. A layer of product spread over a surface for protection
8. A material of relatively thin consistency that is applied to a surface for the purpose of creating a secure bonding surface.
9. An outlet in the wall of a building or a parapet wall for drainage of water from a flat roof.
10. A structure on a roof that is designed to admit light and is somewhat above the plane of the roof surface.
11. Loose fragments of rock used for surfacing built-up roofs.


1. The Most Trusted Name in Roofing.
2. A hole that allows for drainage of entrapped water from masonry structures.
4. A piece of lumber secured to non-nailable decks and walls by bolts or other means.
6. A small section cut from any material to show internal composition.
7. Applying direct flame to a membrane for the purpose of melting, heating or adhering.
10. The removal of gravel or heavy accumulations of bitumen from roof membranes by means of chipping or scraping.
12. A single-ply membrane consisting of synthetic rubber.


How to:

Use the clues to fill in the words above.
Words can go across or down.
Letters are shared when the words intersect.


Give up? Email us at info@ramconroofing.com and we will send you the answer key!


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