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Proactive Maintenance – Silver Shield

Silver an intermediate-level maintenance and management program

Based on conservative analyses, our Silver Roof Shield plan has proven to be considerably less costly than what you would pay for the same services on a reactive basis, not including the consequential damages, liabilities, and headaches from roof leaks.

Services such as leak response, minor repairs, and remedial maintenance cost less under a scheduled maintenance approach than in a crisis mode. In addition, preventative maintenance combined with Service Protection, Remedial Maintenance, and Roof Management will drastically prolong the service life of your roofing system, thus increasing the return on your investment.

Silver is our most popular program and includes:

  • Two annual Preventative Maintenance Service
  • 2 annual condition surveys
  • Remedial repairs
  • Comprehensive reporting & Detailed recommendations
  • Budgets Analysis
  • Access to MyRAMCON Portal where all your roofs maintenance documentation is stored.

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