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Roof Inspections

Comprehensive Roof Analysis Report

Your roof is usually your first and only line of defense against Mother Nature’s fury. For too many building owners and managers, the first sign of a roofing issue is water pouring into the facility. However, this does not have to be the case. Most roof leaks do not develop overnight. Knowing what is occurring on your roofing system can save you thousands and prolong the service life of your roofing system, resulting in a higher return on your roofing investment and mitigating the risks of damage, liability, and losses.

Comprehensive inspections do far more than just preventing leaks. They keep your budget accurate. How do you arrive at the bottom line figure for your roof budget? Do you make an “educated guess” or is it just a complete “shot in the dark”? Neither of these approaches takes the composition, condition, age, life expectancy, and existing roof conditions into consideration.

Our uniquely capable team is here to provide RAMCON clients with the industry-leading roof analysis report. It scours every inch of your roof system to tell you:

  • What is really occurring up there?
  • How do these conditions affect the performance of your roof?
  • What can you do to eliminate the concerns?
  • What should be your roof budget?
  • The life expectancy of the roof.

The RAMCON Comprehensive Roof Analysis Report answers these questions with captioned photographs, budgets, and projections; providing much more information than an “educated guess”.  The report includes an aerial map categorically depicting the issue(s) found, showing why they are occurring, and how to solve them.

The best course of action to get in front of costly roof issues is to put our professionals on your roof for a complimentary, no-cost roof evaluation. We do the legwork and provide you the knowledge and resources from Florida’s most experienced roofing team. It’s simple, fast, and effective.

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