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Thermal Infrared Surveys

Let's take a closer look.

Roof leaks can cause financial devastation if not expected. Our roof inspection services can reduce your risks by evaluating the roof before you decide whether to repair or replace. Many leaks can be difficult to find and can leak for extended periods without showing symptoms indoors. In most cases, utilizing RAMCON service technicians to investigate and repair the suspected area may be sufficient. However, at times the sources of the leaks can be difficult to find using conventional visual roof surveys.

FACT: As much as 90% of all water intrusion problems occur within 1% of a typical roofing system.

By using infrared thermography to spot thermal anomalies in the roof, many leaks can be tracked, verified and repaired. The areas are marked with semi-permanent markings and we return during daylight hours for a more in-depth evaluation of areas that are suspect. This in-depth analysis includes taking core samples to verify composition and moisture content of the roof. After completing the thermal scan, we will have the total square foot estimate of wet insulation as compared to total roof area so that it can be decided if repair or replacement is more cost effective.