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Risk Management

Our Success is No Accident.

There is no task at RAMCON more important than the safety of our workforce and your project. At RAMCON, our initiative is clear and to the point: No Risks. No Incidents. To turn this goal into reality, RAMCON has reinvented the way we approach each and every project. Through comprehensive planning, preparing, training, inspecting, and reviewing every part of our operations, we put into action proven systems that provide consistent results. Our industry-leading EMR Rate of 0.63 is an honor to the progress we’ve made in these efforts.


Before our employees ever set foot onsite, our risk management professionals are hard at work. We recognize that every project is different and brings about its own unique set of challenges. No ‘documented safety policy’ alone can foresee, or prevent, every challenge on every jobsite. Therefore, comprehensive risk evaluations are performed that foresee challenging or dangerous situations before we encounter them. By combining this plan as a core component of our operational procedures, we can accommodate challenges and provide necessary equipment, training or support before its needed. This is a ‘living plan’, shared with all members of the project. Continuously monitored and measured, the site-specific safety program you are holding is the first key to protecting our workforce and your project, personnel, and assets.


The next phase in our risk management approach is preparation. Every piece of safety equipment is routinely inspected and checked. We’ll prepare the work area in accordance with the created plan, including but not limited to fall protection, personal protective equipment, electrical hazards, roof access methods and specific job-related requirements and equipment.

At RAMCON, we stock an inventory of Risk Management equipment to field more than 200 employees. In addition to individually assigned items, such as personal protective equipment and fall protection kits, we stock numerous types of anchoring devices, weight carts, safety nets and much more to ensure that we always have the right tool for the job.


Every RAMCON employee goes through an intensive ‘hands-on’ training program before ever entering the field as part of the RAMCON team…but we don’t stop there. At RAMCON, training never ends. We maintain detailed training programs that are mandatory for all employees. We provide continuous job-specific hands-on training to simulate real-world events. We provide aerial lift, CPR, first-aid, CERTA and numerous other training courses to field the most capable workforce in the industry. Toolbox safety talks are completed weekly, graded, and tested to ensure comprehension. At RAMCON, our employees take part in over 73 hours of training each year!


Each and every RAMCON project is inspected on an accelerated and continuous basis. We utilize both internal and external safety consultants to inspect our projects on a daily basis, with. Inspections are completed at random and fully documented in ‘live time’, instantly sent to the highest levels of management and graded. If a project does not meet our safety standards, work stops and all risks are mitigated immediately before work continues. Copies of these inspection reports are available to you at your request.


The needs and challenges of our high-risk industry are constantly evolving. The RAMCON Safety Committee, composed of members from all levels of management and field employees, provides an ‘open table’ to discuss and review our progress, as well as provide field insight to needs or requests. The committee reviews all inspections, challenges, post-job surveys and training courses and reports directly to our Vice President of Operations.