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Cold Storage Systems

A Different Degree of Roofing

Our experienced project teams and installation crews are uniquely qualified to assist you in your cold storage roofing system project. We can design and install the ideal system for thermally controlled environments such as cold storage freezers, coolers, food processing, packing facilities, and pharmaceutically stable rooms. The high insulation characteristics of cold storage panels can efficiently handle temperature extremes below 50 F (10 C) to 180 F (82 C). RAMCON can offer a complete solution for any thermally controlled roofing system, from processing to warehousing.


Precise Thermal Control

RAMCON cold storage solutions are ideal for environments where the precise temperature is required. With panel widths from 2″ to 8″, we can allow control specific operating temperatures from minus 40 F to over 104 F.

High R-Values

RAMCON can install a system with insulating cores providing superior thermal performance with tested R-Values up to and exceeding R-50. This creates the best possible thermal envelope by reducing thermal bridging typical of many systems.

 Superior Airtightness and Weather tightness

One of the biggest sources of building heat loss (or heat gain) is due to air leakage. RAMCON can install a vigorously tested system to ensure that it remains both air and weathertight over the life of the facility.


RAMCON works directly with the manufacturers to provide the best and longest warranties available in the industry. These systems are on every continent in the world under extreme climatic conditions. They are manufactured from the highest quality materials, using state of the art production equipment and installed to the rigorous quality standards RAMCON is known for industry wide.

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