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Metal Roofing Systems

Imagine your roof with clean sleek lines and no exposed fasteners creating a unique aesthetic effect only metal roofing systems can offer.  Especially, in those high visibility areas such as fascia, mansards, and other steep slope applications. The best part is a metal roofing system will last decades with consistent maintenance and quality material. However, they require precision installation to achieve its intended look and durability.


Metal panels fall into two categories structural (hydrostatic) and architectural (hydrokinetic). They differ in use, design, engineering, and installation to accomplish different roofing requirements.  Steep slope applications use architectural panels that require a substrate and underlayment. The architectural panels do not create a watertight system it sheds water.  Moderate slope applications require structural panels applied to low slope systems and if installed properly can create a watertight system.

Our team of qualified technician’s custom fabricates and installs the best architectural and structural metal standing seam systems in the industry. Our in-house prefabrication facility offers you unparalleled design flexibility, life-cycle value, including near limitless options in panel profiles, colors, and finishes. RAMCON is an expert in metal roof system design and will assist you determining which panel will best suit your facility.


Often called Structural Standing Seam Metal Roofs, RAMCON technicians engage the panels with a mechanical seaming tool. Structural Metal Standing Seam panels can curve and taper while offering superior wind uplift resistance.


Symmetrical is an innovative option that few can match. It combines the weather-tight benefits of the mechanical seam with the replacement options of a two-piece snap-lock panel. Unlike the typical “directional” mechanically seamed panels, the “two-piece” symmetrical standing seam panel’s installation uses fixed clips while still allowing for thermal movement. Combining the advantages and eliminating the disadvantages involved with the various metal roof standing seam options, the two-piece mechanical seam panel is an excellent option for many roof designs. The symmetrical design can curve and taper allowing for creative architectural design. This style of standing seam metal roofing has demonstrated an ability to withstand uplift pressures well in excess of the one-piece structural standing seam panel.


The One Piece style requires two-panel seams to snap together. The direct attachment of the roof panels simulates the look of a mechanically seamed panel without the additional operation of seaming. These metal roofing panels, despite their various structural capabilities, are best suited for decked applications with slopes of 3:12 and greater.


The Two Piece style requires both a panel and a cap or batten. The cap or batten unites two panels by snapping down onto a butterfly clip. While these panels offer very little structurally and require a solid deck with a premium underlayment for installation, they are easier to install on roofs with valleys and hips because its capability bi-directionally installation. The simplicity of the panel shape lends themselves to curved and tapered roof designs.

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