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Tile Roofing Systems

2,650 Years of Proven Performance

Considering a new roof or re-roofing on an existing structure? Tile comes to the forefront as a cost-effective, long-term, and aesthetically pleasing option that literally lasts a lifetime and beyond. The clay tiles on the Roman Coliseum are still visible 2,000 years after installation.


While beauty, longevity, and durability are the some of the most important reasons, our clients choose tile applications. What you may not know about tile is the low environmental impact from production to installation. It comes from naturally occurring locally sourced raw materials produced in a low-impact environmentally conscious manufacturing process.


Roofing tiles are the only materials currently in use that possess two inherent qualities necessary for energy reduction: the natural thermal resistance in the raw materials themselves is energy efficient and innovative installation techniques enhance the breathability of a structure. Individually installing tiles, rather than in sheets or in overlapping style, naturally creates ventilation that provides a thermal barrier from heat transfer to the roof deck. In addition, ventilated sheathing can reduce heat flux transfer when compared to a baseline asphalt shingle.


Our concrete tiles tested and designed to withstand the fiercest elements – fire, hail, high winds and seismic activity. Florida is prone to wind and hurricanes, a tile roof may actually help reduce your insurance premiums. RAMCON has a complete line of tile solutions designed to meet your budget, performance, and aesthetic needs. We collaborate with leading tile manufacturers providing our clients with a wide range of tile options resulting in a roofing product designed to last a lifetime

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