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RAMCON’s highly reflective reinforced thermoplastic membranes, formulated of recycled and recyclable materials, offer a lightweight, durable and economical solution to meet your requirements in both new construction and reroofing applications.

Available in several thicknesses (.045”, .060” and .090”) and surface finishes (natural, smooth lacquer and antimicrobial to resist staining), to meet your performance requirements, RAMCON’s high-tech systems have a solar reflectance of up to 83% and provide a monolithic barrier to keep both the weather and the heat outside where it belongs, while reducing your energy consumption.

RAMCON’s high thermal value insulations offer a high-value to cost-benefit ratio, whether a new construction or roof removal starting point, or as a supplement to your existing thermal values in roof recovery and renovation applications.

Independently or collectively, RAMCON’s Reflective Membranes and high thermal value insulations offer an exceptional opportunity to obtain valuable LEED® credits and Energy Star® compliance, and may qualify for available local utility credits and rebates.

Our line of Highly Reflective Coatings are an excellent investment to obtain the benefits of a “cool roof” while extending the life span of your new roof or existing roofing investment.

RAMCON’s High Reflective Acrylic Coatings are a low cost solution on new and existing built-up, modified bitumen and single-ply roofing systems. With available new construction and existing warranty extensions, or with its own available 10-Year Labor and Material Warranty, this high-performance solution maintains 68% reflectivity even after 3-years (30% higher than Energy Star® requirements) offering a durable, economical solution to meet your “cool roof” needs.

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