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Fall Roof Prep

At last, Autumn is here! In many parts of the country, leaves are turning vivid amber and gold – for us in Florida we get a much-needed break from the intense Summer heat. In accordance with this change in seasons, it is important to be reminded about doing your twice-yearly roof inspection. Most manufacturers and roofing contractors agree that a roof must be checked minimally semi-annually. Many building owners choose to perform these routine inspections in the Fall and Spring, before the intense weather conditions that come with Summer and Winter (and to take advantage of the great weather we’re having now!)

While the importance of a semi-annual roof inspection is clear, occasionally building owners elect to perform their own roof inspections instead of hiring a professional like RAMCON. We recommend prior to dusting off the ladder you prepare a few things to make sure your roof warranty is active and to prepare to inspect the roof. First off, inspect your roof warranty regarding restrictions in repairs, the lifetime of your warranty, even if your warranty allows you to walk on the roof! If you have decided to inspect your own roof, it is important to do a thorough inspection of the entire area. In inspecting your roof, make sure to pay special attention to these areas:

  • Check the interior of the building for evidence of leaking
  • Observe the surrounding area for any obvious hazards (hanging tree limbs, damaged materials, etc.)
  • Check the roof for ponding water
  • Ensure the membrane is free of ripples or tears
  • Inspect corners and edges thoroughly – especially those around installed equipment
  • Clear roof drains of debris and check seals in flashings.

If problems are detected, it might be a good idea to contact RAMCON to investigate further and fix any issues that may lead to further damage.

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