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Thank you for continually trusting RAMCON.

As we race into 2016, we want to thank you for continually trusting RAMCON with your roofing needs. Without the trust, you place in our abilities we could not continue to be Florida’s premier commercial roofing contractor. Each New Year we take a minute to reflect on the previous year with gratitude and clarity on the accomplishments RAMCON has achieved. The core component of our success is a talented and motivated team working together to achieve RAMCON’s mission to install and service the best roofs in Florida. Our success in this industry does not come by happenstance or accident. We have done this by assuming nothing and examining everything. Our success is a direct result of hard work and the trust each of you continue to place in RAMCON. With that said, here is the condensed version of RAMCON’s 2015 accomplishments.


RAMCON installed approximately 3.29 million square feet of practically every type of roofing system imaginable. That is the equivalent of re-roofing the White House every working day of the year. Go TEAM RAMCON! The bar was set high in 2015, with several award-winning accomplishments, including the installation of the largest solar panel system in Florida at 1.5 megawatts. We completed Florida’s only LEED Platinum project. RAMCON installed roofs on hundreds of high-profile projects like Amazon, U.S. Central Command, U.S. Special Operations Command, Top Golf, Bass Pro Shops, and Great Bay Distributors. In total, we worked with hundreds of contractors, thousands of building owners and managers, dozens of federal, state, and local government agencies.


Our team has spent considerable time and effort this past year fully implementing one of the most aggressive quality control programs in the industry. Our Risk Management team has once again done an amazing job this year, with no major accidents or incidents. The simple philosophy of assuming nothing and examining everything has given us an EMR of .67%, which is among the absolute best in the industry.

Every project receives daily on-site quality inspection and documentation, our quality control teams inspect them throughout the duration of the project. In fact, each project will have a bare minimum of four quality control inspections before the project is completed done by our dedicated and knowledgeable RAMCON roofing experts. The final inspection team scours the roof after installation. Then local city/government official inspections take place, including onsite manufacturer inspections.

Meanwhile, live time reporting of each step is done from the roof for immediate corrective actions, if necessary. This combined team effort provides our clients with the absolute best roof installation in the industry.


Our never-ending commitment to servicing our clients remains strong. RAMCON’s Service Department is the largest single source of roof maintenance services in Florida. In 2015, we identified and solved over 15,123 roof leaks and serviced approximately 4,352 buildings located throughout Florida. We’ve continued to improve quality, and 97.4% of all roof leaks were solved the first time.

Our clients continue to take advantage of MyRAMCON Portal, our online roof management application, to manage their roofing portfolio with over 2,765 uses. With the redesign of our website (same place, new look) we added new roofing resources now all in one location.


We have added new individuals to our growing team this year, including Customer Service Representatives, Service Account Managers, Cost Estimators and Field Management. In addition, we have added more than 83 roofing technicians over 2015, bringing our total workforce to hundreds of professionals.

This is just a snapshot of the achievements at RAMCON. We are always interested in hearing your suggestions and input on how we can further meet the range of your roofing needs as our entire focus is on you. Once again, thank you for the trust you place in RAMCON ROOFING and we wish you a healthy and prosperous 2016.