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Why Trust RAMCON on Your Next Project?

As a General Contractor, you must manage a hundred different moving parts on one project. We know your reputation lies in how well those moving parts come together to complete the final product. Collaborating with RAMCON is a promise of working with an award-winning company whose craftsmanship, safety, customer service, financial standing, and competitive pricing are second to none.  The reality of our business is relationships matter. RAMCON ensures reliability, integrity, energy, stability, and sound judgment from each member of our team.


    Meeting budget is how you stay competitive in your market. RAMCON’s professional estimators and project managers know that tight profit margins require aggressive pricing to play in this game. Our overhead expenses are low because of our ingenuity, agility, and high quality which keeps RAMCON among the most competitive in subcontractors in roof installation and servicing.
    RAMCON is fully equipped with everything needed to get the job completed on time and within budget. We eliminate delays by hosting our own fleet of cranes, trucks, and installation equipment. We work with just about every major manufacture and are more than capable of handling any system in your portfolio.
    RAMCON maintains an industry-leading Risk Management program resulting in a .63 EMR.  What this means for you is quality roof installation and service, lower lifetime maintenance expenses, and extended roof service life. Our OSHA awarded safety teams are the envy of the industry. We understand that safe and incident-free job sites ultimately lowers the cost of doing business, which is another way we are able to deliver the most competitive prices in the market. Our safety teams visit every project before it begins and continuously revisit the site to ensure the highest standards of job site safety.
    In our 40,000 square feet warehouse, we have an “in-house” ANSI/SPRI or ES-1 certified computerized sheet metal department. Allowing you to achieve the custom design your project requires while maintaining the highest quality standard.


    RAMCON’s decades of industry experience, over 43 million square feet of roofing systems installed, millions of maintenance square feet completed, and thousands of satisfied customers have made us the most trusted name in roofing. Our rigorously selected and extensively trained team of experienced professionals provides the best roofing services in the industry. Ensuring you receive the best the industry has to offer on your project every day… no exceptions.
    RAMCON is fully licensed, insured over $9,000,000, bonded up to $21,000,000 aggregate, and maintains excellent credit ratings. In today’s volatile market, the last thing you need is a contractor belly-up in the middle of your project. RAMCON’s financial strength ensures we will be here long after the life of the roofing system.
    RAMCON is one of the largest roofing contractors in the nation with hundreds of employees operating throughout the state of Florida. Our size allows us to manage dozens of projects, respond to hundreds of emergency calls simultaneously and expeditiously.
    Excellent customer service is one of our key values and our team commits to delivering the best possible service standard. No matter how you decided to reach us we are available 24/7 via phone, email, or text message. We will meet you where you are or drop by our office anytime. The bottom line, we are here for you.
    RAMCON receives recognition for its comment to excellence and excellent workmanship yearly. We won the Firestone Platinum Council, Johns Manville Pinnacle Council, and GAF Master Elite Contractor awards recognizing our commitment to quality workmanship. We’re the only Firestone Presidents Club Winner in Florida and one of only a handful of contractors in the nation to also receive the Master Contractor and Inner Circle of Quality Awards. We are also one of only 30 winners of the prestigious Johns Manville (a Warren Buffet company) Pinnacle Council. These awards are a tribute to our commitment to providing the best services for our clients.