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Lessons in Roof Maintenance

With today’s busy schedules, it is easy to forget some of the most important aspects of facility management. The roof is one of the building’s most valuable assets. Not only does it protect the building, but it also safeguards all of the vulnerable occupants and sensitive materials within the structure.

Roof maintenance is often abandoned or never planned in the first place. Since the roof is not something people notice every day, it can sometimes be neglected—until a leak occurs. And if a perforation in the roof is the cause of the leak, the repairs may end up being costly for the organization and inconvenient for building occupants.

In order to protect both interior and exterior assets, it is imperative for facility managers to set up a maintenance program that will keep the roof clean and at maximum performance. Maintenance programs can be a crucial factor in extending the life of the roof.

The Roof’s Condition

Many managers are responsible for multiple buildings; they cannot always visit every location. Not knowing what condition the roof is in can lead to problems in the future. But a good maintenance program will provide facility professionals with a clear picture of the condition of their roofs.

With a maintenance program in place, the facility manager can have a detailed report of the roof on at least a yearly basis. In some RAMCON programs, you’ll receive up to four roof reports per year. The type of facility, age and needs of the building dictate how many times per year the roof needs inspection.

The first thing the maintenance report should provide is a detailed description of the roof. This report should not only include specifics on the roof and rooftop equipment, but it will also have a computer aided drawing (CAD) of the rooftop and photos that highlight any areas of concern. Additionally, this update should include repairs that need immediate attention to keep the building watertight and recommendations for future work to extend the life of the roof. While it is being inspected, the roof should also be cleared of any debris, and the gutters should be swept to keep them working properly and routine maintenance tasks completed.

Having the roof inspected at least once a year gives the facility professional peace of mind that the assets protected by the roof will remain safeguarded. Upon receipt of the analysis report, you will have a clear picture of the status of your roofing system.

Implementing a roof maintenance plan also has benefits beyond keeping the roof in working order. If the roof is under warranty, there is likely a requirement for maintenance stated within the documentation.

Failure to service the roof could result in this coverage being voided. Implementing a roof maintenance program will ensure the roof remains covered under the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Choosing a RAMCON Roof Shield Proactive Maintenace program.

Facility professionals confer with RAMCON to discuss what type of plan is needed for the roofs they maintain. Your RAMCON representative will work with you to develop a customized solution for your specific system that meets both your needs and budget. The process is painless and simple – and, in the end, provides significant savings to the building owner. RAMCON’s Roof Shield Proactive Maintenace programs are proven to extend the life of your roofing system, reduce lifetime maintenance costs and save the owners thousands.