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Walkway Pads and Surfaces

Walkway Pad

Effective and Cost Efficient Protection For Your Roofing Investment

Tremendous demands are being placed on the integrity of your roofing system. The roof stands as a ready platform to accept today’s broad array of environmental equipment including heating, air conditioning and ventilating equipment, window washing equipment, signs and displays. The utilization of the roof to accommodate all of these activities generates a steady flow of traffic to install, service, maintain and secure this equipment. As a result, the integrity of the roofing system is subjected to a constant flow of potentially destructive traffic the roof was not designed to withstand.

To solve this problem, our technicians can install protective roof walkway pads made of tough, durable and aesthetically pleasing surfaces. The installation of this surface provides a designated “safe” area on which to walk. Used around mechanical units and the perimeter of the roof, they provide a safe roadway for maintenance traffic servicing the roof and for the rolling of window washing equipment.

We have a solution for all roofing systems and coatings alike, providing effective and cost efficient solution to protect your roofing investment