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Beyond the Roof Warranty

The goal of a warranty is to assure a quality roof. But the truth is, a warranty never kept a building dry. The best way to keep a roof functional is to be sure it is designed and installed correctly in the first place and then maintained. What does this mean?

First, don’t rely on just the manufacturer’s recommendations to assure that the roof is designed well. Manufacturer specifications and details are generic and may not be applicable to a particular situation. RAMCON can design and get approved specialty details to tackle specific problems and unique conditions.

Second, original installation is the leading factor when it comes to lifetime roof performance and roof service life. It’s vital that the installing contractor be experienced and has a proven track record. You wouldn’t buy milk at half price from a stand at the side of the road would you? Of course not, it’s too risky! The success of your roofing project is equally at risky. Sure, price is important when it comes to your roofing project, but so is expertise, experience and a proven track record of results. We’ve installed more than 37 million square feet of roof in the past decade alone, have the highest quality ratings and we do it a competitive rate.

Third, keep the roof maintained. Get involved with RAMCON’s proactive maintenance programs. Literally thousands of facilities have seen the cost savings that are waiting for them and have acted. Being reactive and responding to issues after they develop is inefficient and damages have already occurred. Give us a call and we’ll show you the math.

Remember, a warranty is a contract, not an insurance policy. It can add value to a roof installation but is not a substitute for proper roof design, competent installation and long term maintenance in assuring a leak-free roof. In the attempt to assure the quality of the roof, a warranty is just another tool that can help or hinder building owners — one on which depends if whether the owner has done their homework.