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Roof Management: Timely Maintenance

Contrary to popular opinion, the maintenance-free roof system does not exist. All types of roofs require a certain level of attention. In fact, from the moment of installation, the roofing system undergoes continuous deterioration. Extreme temperature fluctuations as well as rain, hail and wind prevail upon the roofing surface. In short, the elements are the biggest deterrents to the roof system over its service life. Traffic on the roof and the installation of mechanical and other equipment can also cause physical damage that contributes significantly to roofing failures.

Roofs are exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, every day of the year. In summer, the roof surface temperature can exceed 200 degrees F. In winter, the roof surface can be exposed to extensive expansion and contraction due to Florida’s varying winter temperatures. And during many storms, the roof faces winds stronger than any other exterior building components are exposed to.

The most important reason to implement an annual roof maintenance program is to extend the service life of the existing roof system. Comprehensive repairs not only make the roof last longer, but also provide cost savings to the facility executive. A good maintenance program will detect or prevent leaks and other roofing problems. This way problems are addressed at their initial stage, which allows the facility executive  the ability to avoid additional expenditures for such items as deck damage repair and associated costs resulting from typical maintenance practices, which simply respond to leaks.

Development of maintenance guidelines is based on the profile of the roof systems in place. Roof maintenance is like mortgage insurance. A manageable yearly expense could provide the dividend of a roof system that meets or exceeds its anticipated service life. For instance, a 20-year roof system will protect the interior operations of the building for the full 20 years; any service life that extends beyond this time could be considered free money. Every year that the roof system is extended an additional year means the facility executive does not have to spend a substantial amount for remedial roof construction.

Saving Money With Roof Maintenance
Every facility should have an ongoing preventative maintenance program to ensure the full life of the roofing system is reached. What many managers don’t realize is that preventative maintenance will save them thousands of dollars over the life of the roof. If preventative maintenance can increase the life span of the roof just 1 additional year, you break even on the costs. For each additional year the roof is prolonged, the savings multiply. Discover how you can save at www.ramconroofing.thatsanicewebsite.com or give us a call today at 877-726-2661.