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An End to the 2019 Hurricane Season



This hurricane season has finally come to an end. While we were spared major damage in our area, we will remember this storm season to be active and full of surprises.

The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season ran from June 1st until November 30th. This season we saw 18 named storms in the region. 6 of these storms went on to become hurricanes while 3 reached major hurricane status (attaining a Category 3 status or higher: Dorian, Humberto, and Lorenzo). Eleven storms during this season had effects on land, while the others kept their destruction at sea.

Of the storms this season, the most memorable and impactful of all was Hurricane Dorian. Dorian showed that the strength of a Category 5 hurricane, mixed with a slow-moving storm, creates a decimating combination that hit the Bahamas with the most unimaginable destruction. While numbers are not confirmed, early estimates showed Hurricane Dorian killed at least 67 people and did $2.5 Billion in damage in the Bahamas.

The End of the Season is Here.


While we have come out of this hurricane season without significant impacts, it’s important to note that tropical storms can still form after the season ends. Make sure your roof is ready for the next storm with RAMCON. We will inspect your roof to make sure it is capable of withstanding the winds and rain that a major storm will bring. Check out the link below to learn about RAMCON’s preventative maintenance programs. These programs help keep your roof lasting longer, with frequent check-up inspections and repairs. Making your roofing investment last way longer than you had expected. Give us a call today! 1-877-RAMCON-1


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